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A) Which hardware B) Which GH/s level

will be profitable for

1) Pool mining Two) Solo mining

Bitcoins spil of February 2014?

Linksom to sources where information can be checked overheen time will be superb, beyond the ordinary response to the questions.

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Two Answers

Question is what zuigeling of coin are you going to mine. If you are going to mine Bitcoin (SHA256) you will need special hardware (ASIC 28nm minteken) for it to be profitable. Here you have an excellent seller, I bought my mining equipment from them, but now they sold out their next generation devices. If you want to mine this coins you will have to risk buying ahead of time, I mean you will have to buy a device that is ter development and wait like 6 months for the hardware to arrive, so you will need this rekenmachine to make a preview of what your profits will be. Actually there are many other sellers (Butterfly Labs -which I do not recommend-, Cointerra, make your own search te google, but KNC for mij is the most trusted one). Here you have a comparison of mining devices for Bitcoin.

If you project to mine Litecoin (Scrypt) you will be able to do that with GPUs, you have a mining hardware comparison here.

You will very first need to determine which coin are you going to mine and what kleintje of ecryption are you going to be solving (SHA256, Scrypt). You will need to consider what kleintje of risk you want to take, for example, if you mine Bitcoins you know it is the safest bet with an actual price of 803$ and having reached 1150$ vanaf coin it is cryptocoin that is being accepted te stores right now therefore it has a possible excellent future. On the other forearm, mining this coin has become difficult and a considerable investment and risk is needed to aquire the hardware needed.

On the other palm, if you choose a coin which has recently commenced, it will be lighter to mine those coins, but it won’t be profitable (if you think that coin could build up value ter the future then it may end being profitable, who knows).

Eventually it is up to you to read and choose where you want to come in and what amount of money you want to risk.

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