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If you’re ter the process of building a mining equipment for a proof-of-work cryptocurrency, you might be stuck on determining which motherboards are best. Choosing a motherboard can be a complicated part of the process, because not every one — even if it has the required number of PCIe slots — is going to just work out of the opbergruimte. It takes some thought.

There are many motherboard manufacturers, and even more models under each brand. Some are known to be pretty plug-and-play with mining hardware, but others might take a bit of tweaking. So if you’re presently attempting to find the most economic choice of motherboard for your Ethereum (or other coin) mining equipment, wij’ve waterput together this list of excellent options.

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Without further ado, here’s out comprehensive list of good motherboards for Ethereum (and other proof-of-work currency) mining.

Best motherboards for mining proof-of-work currencies

ASRock H61 Voor BTC

A standard, and classic, houtvezelplaat for mining. The houtvezelplaat requires a slot 1155 Intel CPU and has enough PCIe slots for a good 6-GPU equipment. Unlike some other boards on this list, this houtvezelplaat, spil the BTC name suggests, wasgoed manufactured specifically for mining. It should work fine out of the opbergruimte.

ASRock H81 Voor BTC

Very similar to the H61 Voor BTC, but requires an Intel slot 1150 CPU rather than the slot 1155. This houtvezelplaat also requires DDR3 RAM and has slagroom for 6 PCIe graphics cards. A fine, and some would argue ideal, option for mining. The downside of its age and reputation is that it’s going to be priced steeply.

ASRock Z97 Anniversary

This motherboard is similar to the H61 and H81 BTC boards, but not made specifically for mining cryptocurrency. This one ter particular maxes out at Four PCIe slots, so that could knelpunt your operation a bit if you’re wanting to get above and beyond 150 MH/s for Ethereum mining. The upside is lower cost.

ASRock Z97 Extreme6

This motherboard is a bit more “extreme” than others, but still only has Five PCIe slots. So if you’re dead-set on building a equipment with 6 GPUs, then look elsewhere. Otherwise, this might be an economical option depending on the current prices. It also has a DVI output for movie, so that’s nice.

Biostar TB85

This little motherboard is basically a rip-off of the mining-specific ASRock boards I mentioned at the top of the postbode, but that doesn’t make it a bad houtvezelplaat. This little man has actually garnered some pretty positive reviews across the community and offers a stellar 6 PCIe slots that work without tinkering.

Biostar TB250-BTC

Similar story with this houtvezelplaat spil the one above, but it’s notably more modern. It’s going to require an Intel slot 1151 CPU and DDR4 RAM (which I might note is not rearwards compatible with systems that need DDR3 RAM). This one’s a solid houtvezelplaat that has 6 PCIe slots flawless for your 6-GPU mining equipment.

Biostar TB350-BTC

Biostar motherboards are excellent, but this is a bit different than others on the list because it actually requires an AMD CPU. That’s not a big overeenkomst tho’, there are just spil many cheap AMD CPUs out there spil Intel ones. This one also needs a more modern DDR4 RAM and has 6 PCIe slots.

ASUS Prime Z270-A

ASUS has a excellent track record when it comes to motherboards, and this one is no exception. It has a whopping 7PCIe slots ready to go, and it doesn’t hurt that the opbergruimte are certainly attempts to trick you into thinking it’s Transformers-branded. It’s going to need a fancy fresh Intel 1151 slot CPU.

MSI Z170A Gaming Voor Doorslag

This motherboard undoubtedly isn’t cheap, but it’ll get the job done if you can’t find any other options. While many use thesis without problems, thesis gaming-specific boards sometimes need a bit more BIOS tweaking to get running. Some are sometimes not able to utilize all PCIe slots, such spil the 7 that this houtvezelplaat has. You might be able to get 6 working.

MSI Z170A SLI Plus

This houtvezelplaat is a superb option on paper, but not one that I’ve seen many peoples’ practices with. It’s going to need an Intel 1151 CPU and DDR4 RAM, and it sports 6 PCIe slots. Also, it adds an old-school VGA slot for movie. It’s not a “tried-and-true” mining houtvezelplaat, but it should work fine.

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