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How can I make money with blockchains? I’m not a big company…

Wij are here to voorstelling you a few ways to make money with blockchain. You’ve heard about it. You know big corporations are getting te on the next technological wave. But, how te the world are you supposed to hop ter on your own?

For most people, one of the fattest barriers ter getting into cryptocurrency is a lack of investment funds. For others, they’ve invested what they have, but understand the profoundity of blockchain technology, and want to own more of a share.

Now, thanks to the growing request, a burgeoning number of blockchain startups and latest developments te the space, you can work for cryptocurrency on the blockchain. Plus, there are also other opportunities, like mining or trading cryptocurrencies too. Even selling membership access is a possibility.

While Millennials are certainly moving towards “alternative career paths” more often than their Generation X or Zuigeling Boomer counterparts, there are innumerable ways for absolutely anyone to capitalize on the fresh wave of oncoming technology. Here, you’ll find an awesome commencing point to making money and freelancing with blockchain technology.

How can I earn Bitcoin and Ether for Freelance Work?

Freelance Market Explosion

One te three Americans – about 42 million – are independent workers, according to The Freelancer’s Union. By 2020, many industry gegevens researchers predict freelancers will make up half of the labor force. Internationally, almost 50 procent of managers te the UK and Germany are permitted to work remotely, with an estimated 800 procent increase te virtual workers (The Nemertes Research Group).

Ter addition to full-time freelancers, more people have bot looking to branch out for toegevoegd income sources ter what’s bot termed – even by publications like Forbes – spil “side hustles.”

The combination of thesis factors and the endless opportunities unfolding spil fresh code is being written to expand opportunities on the blockchain, is making for a fresh frontier ter the capability to work from anywhere te the world and earn cryptocurrency.

Problems with Fiat &, Current Job Sites

Freelance job sites are ripe for disruption spil the list of challenges te getting work online, and getting paid ter a timely manner for that work, is long:

  • High Fees: Freelancer platforms on the current market charge up to 20 procent of the job rate. That doesn’t even include the toegevoegd three procent they charge to withdraw your own money! If you are working from huis, this is a thick bite out of your hard-earned money.
  • Influence of Central Authority: The platforms are centralized and come with all of the issues that include:
  • A lack of transparency into their algorithms and processes
  • They collect and own all of your gegevens and profit from it
  • Questionable security
  • And so much more. Learn more about centralization vs. decentralization here .
  • Fake Reviews: There have bot many cases of clients and freelancers attempting to hack or cheat the system by creating fake reviews and numerous accounts. This highlights the main trust punt that non-blockchain projects face and make it difficult to know if you are dealing with a reliable entity.
  • Slow Payment Times: Not only do you get kasstuk with fees, but fiat payments can take days or even weeks to clear through banks and make it into your account. Bitcoin and Ether payments can toebijten within minutes, and other cryptos are even quicker.

Te addition to thesis problems ter the current systems, none of thesis sites suggest freelancers the chance to earn ter cryptocurrency. The only webpagina that accepts bitcoin is Fiverr. However, the company only accepts it from clients, and they do not permit payments to freelancers te BTC… Oh, and they charge 20 procent for that too.

Freelance Marketplaces for Earning Crypto

Without further adieu, here are the current platforms available to begin earning ter crypto now:

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