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Asparagus officinalis L


It can be grown from seeds and transplanted when the roots overgrow their space. Hybrids germinate better, but they don’t have seeds and can only be purchased like seedlings. Don’t cut off shoots ter the very first two years to strengthen the plant.

Distance inbetween plants

At least Two m (6.Five ft) inbetween the rows and at least 50 cm (20 ter) inbetween the plants ter a row.



Five to Ten plants vanaf person.

Time of planting

Buy and plant the seedlings ter April. Sow the seeds ter early spring and transplant the seedlings to the garden the following spring, when the soil temperature is at least Ten °C (50 °F). The seeds germinate te about Four weeks.


Before transplanting, fertilize the soil with barn manure. Voorkant with straw and huis teelaarde ter fall. Water the plants a few times with nettle brew ter summer.


Needed only te the very first year after transplanting. However, after consequent years of drought the yield is lower, and it’s better to water periodically.

Asparagu’s good neighbors

Beans, peas, broad beans, kohlrabi, peppers, tomato, parsley, basil, lamb’s lettuce, spinach, tagetes, Indian cress.

Asparagu’s bad neighbors

Mint, onion, garlic, shallot.

Diseases and pests

Asparagus miner, asparagus stilte. Grow tomatoes beside the asparagus ter the very first year to drive away the pests. Strengthen the plant with algae solutions. Te the appearance of stilte, use horsetail solutions.

Asparagu’s storage

Rip off youthfull shoots te the morning during spring. Fresh are best and should be picked regularly when needed and cooled ter water. Store ter the fridge for a brief time, packaged te a moist cloth or ter a glass with a little water, like bouquets. You can pickle them te vinegar or salt spil well. Asparagus shoots grow for Two to Four weeks when the plant is youthfull, and up to 12 weeks with adult plant. Leave at least six shoots vanaf plant for summer growth.

Use youthful spring shoots. They contain vitamins C, E and B-complex, asparagines, essential oils and tin, molybdenum and silicon. They are good for the kidneys and liver, and clear the entire figure.


It is a perennial and the soil has to be cleared of any weeds and tilled deeply before planting, spil asparagus has very deep roots. Its root system doesn’t develop te a circle, but left and right. Plant accordingly, so the roots don’t grow to the space inbetween the rows to avoid harming them. Te fall, voorkant the growing webpagina with straw and teelaarde, and uncover te spring.


It is a perennial, originating ter Asia Minor and the Middle East. It is also called garden asparagus. Some methods include covering and whitening the shoots, which is more requiring and the plant has less beneficial substances.


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