6 GPU Mining Equipment – RX580 8gb, Hardware – Part 1 – GPU Mining Equipments

6 Equipment RX580 GPU Mining

The very first crypto currency mining equipment I determined to build wasgoed an open air 6 GPU RX580 equipment. This guide will go after all the steps needed from buying the components until you receive your very first coins into your wallet.

!! If you want to hop straight to the total list, without the guide check it out here !!

Why RX580’s? Well I’d narrowed it down to either a Nvidia GTX 1070’s, or an AMD RX580 equipment. The reason for this is both provide pretty gepast mining power vs. price point. I also dreamed 8gb cards to future proof the equipment spil much spil possible.

Ter addition you can run six of each of thesis cards on a single high quality PSU. This is significant for your very first equipment, spil you don’t indeed want to be messing around with two PSU’s and accidentally bricking components!

For my very first equipment I went with the RX580 spil they came te at around 100/$100 cheaper for each card overheen the GTX 1070.

Where to buy

Your very first zekering will very likely be eBay/Amazon and everything below can be purchased from both sites. However, you will most likely find components cheaper and ter stock ter other online retailers. Amazon te particular is having large delays on mining equipment components, especially GPU’s and PSU’s, so you indeed can’t rely on their anticipated delivery dates.

My advice is to shop around and don’t just stick to eBay/Amazon. A excellent supplier ter the UK that consistently hammers Amazon prices is Overclockers.

Motherboard, Ram, CPU bundle

When you look for a fresh desktop PC the spec of your CPU and the amount of Ram tend to be fairly high up the priority list. This is absolutely not the case with a crypto currency GPU mining equipment.

You truly just want the cheapest latest gen CPU and a compatible motherboard with 6 pci-e slots. For ram you want the cheapest you can find that’s compatible with your motherboard and you truly only need one 4gb stick. Any more will not help your mining at all.

You want the latest gen processor if possible, because they use less power than older models and spil you will find out zometeen, mining is all about minimising your power usage. If your motherboard has 6 pci-e slots, then chances are it is designed for mining.

To make sure your motherboard/CPU/ram are all compatible you need to check the socket on the motherboard matches your processor i.e. if you by an Intel socket 1151 motherboard, you voorwaarde buy an Intel socket 1151 processor and not say an Intel socket 1150.

For ram you need to make sure you are buying desktop ram and not laptop ram. You also need to make sure it matches the memory type i.e. if you motherboard has DDR3 slots you need to buy DDR Three Ram. If you are not sure what you are buying is compatible, please leave your spec te the comments and I’ll check.

This is my current preferred bundle:-
  • CPU: Intel Celeron Dual-Core G3900 Two.8GHz Socket 1151 2MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor – 26/€29
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Intel H110-D3A Socket 1151 ATX Mining Motherboard – 71/€80
  • Ram: Crucial 4GB DDR4-2400 UDIMM – 40/€45

I would aim to get you motherboard/ram/cpu for under 150/€170 including postage.

Summary: Cheap latest gen CPU (Celeron are a good choice), 6 pci-e slot motherboard with the same socket spil your CPU, Four gb desktop ram (same type spil your motherboard).

This is possibly the most significant component te your equipment. Buy a cheap, or low powered PSU and your entire equipment can deepthroat out. For a 6 card equipment I would recommend a welgevoeglijk quality 1,200W PSU spil a ondergrens. I choose 1300W-1400W to be safe. You can spread to a 1500w or 1600w if you are truly jumpy, but the price starts to increase a lotsbestemming at this point.

What everzwijn you choose, make sure you have 6 pci-e 8 speld power cables, ideally all separately connected to your PSU and enough spare 6 speld or Four speld molex connections to power 6 pci-e risers (see the section zometeen on).

You want to go for a gold rated, or platinum rated PSU which means they are more efficient and cost you less ter electrical.

My preferred PSU is:-

It can be hard to come by, but do a bit of searching and you will find it te stock at some suppliers. The reason this PSU is so good (aside from the good brand) is that it has enough cables to power each card on a separate cable directly your PSU.

You can also look at server PSU’s spil a cheaper alternative, but I have always stuck to modular desktop PSU’s which are ter my opinion lighter to use for beginners.

Summary: A good quality brand PSU either gold, or platinum rated is a vereiste. Ondergrens 1,200w for a 6 card equipment.

Now the most significant part, your GPU’s. This guide is for RX580 cards, but it would also work with RX570’s (and Nivida cards for that matter). Once you have determined on the card type, do not get too caught up on the card brand (MSI/Asus e.t.c). Whilst there might be some slight variations inbetween different manufactures, most RX580’s can be flashed to get 30mh/s mining Ethereum.

Any marginal increase from the better cards will be downright out weighted by the toegevoegd cost of those cards. I have found presently the Power Color Crimson Satan cards to be cheaper than other brands and more importantly often ter stock.

For this build I will use:

  • PowerColor Radeon RX 580 Crimson Satan 8192MB – 260/€295


Ter order to connect your GPU’s to your motherboard you are going to need powered pci-e risers. Effectively all thesis do is connect your pci-e ports on your motherboard with your GPU’s, without having to actually ass-plug them directly into the motherboard.

The reasons you want to do this are:-

  1. There very likely isn’t enough space to gezond them all next to each other.
  2. If there is enough space, cooling would be a nightmare.
  3. For most motherboards you don’t want them all drawing power from directly from the houtvezelplaat.

I’m have a separate guide on how to connect riser cards, spil there are a lotsbestemming of scare stories on the televisiekanaal about the SATA converts melting, or catching fire. All I’ll say at this point is that all of my equipment builds do not use any SATA connectors to power your risers.

For now you will want to buy either the 4-pin molex, or 6-pin pci-e powered risers and possibly a combination of the two. This is downright dependant on your PSU power cables.

For the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 you will need:-
  • Risers: Two x 6pin PCIe 16x to 1x Powered Riser Cards – Ten/€11 each
  • Risers: Four x Four speld molex PCI-E 1x to 16x powered Riser Cards – Ten/€11
  • Cables: 2x 6-pin PCIe to 6-pin PCIe cables – Five/€5 each

The above lets you have one GPU and one riser max on each cable, without using any SATA connectors. You can however use any combination of 6 speld, or Four speld risers depending on your PSU.

You will note that riser cards have a version number that is usually 005c or 006c e.t.c. Attempt to get the latest version you can find for the best price. I tend to go for version 007, or 008.

For this build wij I’m going to go for an open air case. You can find many 6 GPU Open Air cases on eBay and Amazon, or you can even build your own from scrape.

The case I bought and have bot fairly blessed with is:-

  • Case: 6 GPU Open Air Case for Crypto Currency Mining Equipment Framework(Ethereum / ZCash) – 48/€54.

It has slew of slagroom for your GPU’s to be spaced out nicely and has an toegevoegd rack for Four ventilatoren pointed inbetween your GPU’s. Many cases are fine, just check the reviews and attempt to get one for around 50/€55.

Hard drive

Any generic SSD hard drive can be used for your mining equipment. You don’t need a lotsbestemming of space (120gb is fine), just a nice swift drive with enough space for an operating system and your mining software.

Not much else to say here indeed. Any SSD 120gb+ will do.


There are a few other components you will need before you get going:-

  • Power/reset switch – generic on/off and power surplus switch – Trio/€3 (any will do)
  • Operating System – Windows Ten OEM Voor 64bit Four/€4 – (yes the Four copies do work and evidently are legal licences for fresh build computers)

Total Spend

All of the above comes to Two,126/€2,400. Considering the graphics cards alone would cost you that a few months ago, it’s not too bad.

Options Extras

Below I’ve listed a few non essential option extras.

  • Wi-fi card – TP-LINK TL-WN823N 300 Mbps Mini Wireless and USB Adapter, Two.Four GHz. Ten/€11 (if you are not using a wired connection you will need a wi-fi usb dongle, spil your pci-e cards will all be used up).
  • Case ventilatoren: ARCTIC F12 – 120 mm Standard Low Noise Case Fan – Four/€4 x Four = 16/€16 ( you will want toegevoegd cooling unless your equipment is ter an air conditioned slagroom, or you live te Iceland!).
  • Power monitor – TP-Link HS110 Wi-Fi Brainy Buttplug with Energy Monitoring – 30/€34 (to monitor your power usage at the wall spil opposed to using inaccurate monitoring software).
  • Thermal paste – Arctic Silver Five Thermal Compound Three.5g Tube – Four/€5 (because the gunk that comes with your CPU is rubbish).

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