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Time to Begin with the DOGE and LTC Merged Mining

Wij are expecting the merged mining support for Dogecoin and Litecoin that wasgoed announced to embark after DOGE block 371337 to toebijten any uur now (less than 100 blocks remaining), so if you are presently mining Dogecoin you might want to budge to a pool with merged mining support. You should be able to mine directly for Litecoin and also get Dogecoin additionally, however te order to be able to do that you will have to use a pool that has already implemented DOGE and LTC merged mining support. Do note that merged mining of DOGE can toebijten with other Scrypt coins spil well and not only with LTC, so some pools may have enabled merged mining of Dogecoin with other Scrypt crypto coins. Wij have ready a list of pools that have already announced that are ready with merged mining support and spil soon spil wij budge past the block that should act spil a commencing point of the support you should begin getting paid ter LTC and DOGE by just mining for Litecoin. You will still be able to separately mine only DOGE, however there is not going to be much point te that when you can get the same amount of DOGE reserve while mining for LTC te a pool supporting merged mining. There are still not a loterijlot of pools supporting AuxPow merged mining, but wij’ll very likely see some more adding support ter the next few days…

Pools with LTC and DOGE merged mining:

Do note that that the AuxPow or merged mining support comes with a hardfork for the DOGE, so you will need to update your wallet to proceed using it after block 371337, so if you still toevluchthaven’t updated to version 1.8 of the Dogecoin wallet than it is time to do the upgrade. Have te mind that the update will require you to reindex the blockchain and that can take some time to accomplish.

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