A closer look at Ethereum Payouts, Genesis Mining

Hello Miners! Wij want to give you a more detailed look at the Ethereum payout situation and why some Ethereum Mining users are having trouble receiving their daily mining shares.

At Genesis Mining, we’re providing daily payouts for overheen a dozen independent Cryptocurrencies. All of thesis blockchain protocols are ter onveranderlijk development and each protocol network can suffer enormous pressure and transaction congestions at certain times spil happened te the past. Some of thesis challenges are lightly immobilized ter bulk, others need to be cautiously reviewed one by one.

How do daily payouts work ter a nutshell?

Spil soon spil we’ve received all daily mining shares from the various pools wij mine on, the funds accumulate on one of our various payout addresses. Meantime, our payout engine is sorting through all user hashpower shares and distributes the onberispelijk mining shares that are to be paid out. This process happens on the fly 24/7 spil our service and databases are te onveranderlijk switch spil users upgrade their hashpower, switch their mining allocation, while the system is considering their ondergrens payout thresholds, wallet addresses et cetera.

Because of a hard-coded limit on computation vanaf block, the ethereum blockchain presently supports about 15 to 20 transactions vanaf 2nd. The Ethereum Raiden network is aiming to eradicate this knelpunt problem.

So why am I not receiving some payouts?

To waterput it simply, there’s no unique screenplay for this. Spil you can see from one of our payout addresses, our system is permanently pushing transactions out. However, the average transaction toverfee switches every 2nd and adapts to the current pending transaction queue.

Unluckily, no system is ideal, and sometimes a bug can create a entire wave of problems that our software team is tackling on a daily matter. For that reason, wij still have a few very old cases that haven’t got their due attention and want to assure you that we’re working on getting you your hard earned coins.

What are wij doing to fix thesis problems?

Te a petite enough environment, any transactions will be propagated flawlessly, however, spil with any complicated operation, the real challenge lies ter scaling efficiently. Spil the blockchain networks evolve, every developer team faces different challenges and is pushing the boundaries, especially the core development teams.

Wij have bot providing daily cryptocurrency payouts for more than four years now and treat thesis payouts spil a promised and due service for our customers. Your trust and confidence te Genesis Mining is of the utmost importance to us and wij understand the frustration with not receiving those payouts. This is why our team is working around the clock to resolve thesis issues and restore any missing payouts.

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