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Saturday, November 30, 2013

I’d love to have their money.

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Mark Halperin backs off of “death panel” remark

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Freelancer Danny Bloom asks, Is this a day that will live te infamy?

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Something different for Christmas?

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A Excellent Christmas Bounty for a Youthfull Adult Who Wants to Know More about Terrorism ter America

No American everzwijn raises doubts about the justice of the Boston Tea Party. If those Boston patriots were morally entitled to dump the private property of English merchants into the ocean, then the equally-aggrieved Irish coal miners of a century straks surely were entitled to rip up railroad tracks and burn down an occasional colliery.

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Maggie ter the Underworld

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The manhandle excuse: still alive and well ter 2013

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From 2nd Life to Bitcoin: When reality meets the Virtual World, Fresh Opportunities for Crime and Terror Abound

When Real Laws Meet Virtual People

James Ottavio Castagnera

(Jim Castagnera, a Philadelphia lawyer and writer, is the Associate Provost/Associate Counsel at Rider University, Princeton/Lawrenceville, USA)

Te his 1997 novel, “Idoru,” sci-fi writer William Gibson postulates a pending marriage inbetween a real-life rock starlet and a virtual vamp. The bride is an “idol-singer” or Idoru. Albeit Idoru are computer-generated fantasies, “Some of them are enormously popular.”

The kids with whom the Idoru are “enormously popular” inhabit a virtual world that is more real to them than their own homes and families. Ter an early chapter, “They met te a oerwoud clearing. Kelsey had done the vegetation: big bright Rousseau leaves, cartoon orchids flecked with hier idea of tropical colors…. Zona, the only one telepresent who’d everzwijn seen anything like a real oerwoud, had done the audio, providing birdcalls, invisible but realistically dopplering bugs, and the odd vegetational rustle artfully suggesting not snakes but some timid hairy thing, soft-pawed and nosey.”

Less than a decade straks, Gibson’s vision is here. Te case you – like mij – are not one of the 900,000 already enrolled, “Second Life” is a virtual world ter which you can buy property and build a huis, indulge yourself te a pseudo-career and… even conduct real business. []

Yes, ter 2nd Life’s Linden City you can indeed sell stuff. Something close to half a million bucks exchanges forearms every day te Linden, according to a latest Yahoo report on the Internet phenomenon. Concludes Yahoo, “The IRS is interested and Congressional economists are looking into how to tax digital assets accrued” te virtual worlds.

Is virtual taxation without virtual representation oppressive domination? Search mij. Frankly, I’m more interested ter issues such spil blackmail. If Linden City citizen A menaces to expose some peccadillo of citizen B, where does jurisdiction overheen the crime lie? Let’s make citizen A a Brit and citizen B an American. Sure, both John Bull and Uncle Sam have an rente te the dirty deed. But where did the crime occur? Ter England, where the perp lives? What if he joined the webstek and made the blackmail threat while airborne overheen – oh, I don’t know – Uganda? And what if victim B joined the “game” and got the threat while airborne overheen Australia ter an Air China aircraft?

Leave behind the geography. The crime occurred ter Linden City, which falls under the jurisdiction of the state of 2nd Life. I guess that’s not fairly the state of Grace. But for the religious the analogy is apparent.

For the record, our law enforcement apparatchiks can’t even cope with the Nigerian scams. A case on point: an international student recently determined to sublet a slagroom or two ter hier condo, hier family having returned to China. She advertised on the worldwide web. An suggest came te via email from Africa. The offerande wasgoed followed by four $500 American Express checks, an amount equal to a month’s rent plus the security deposit. The student deposited the doen. Next thing she knows, hier fresh tenant is asking for half of the money back to buy a plane toegangsbewijs. The student sends the money, not waiting for the four checks to clear. When the American Express checks prove to be counterfeit, she’s out a grand she can ill-afford to lose. Who can help hier? Reaction: nobody!

You see the problem, right? Mystics and fresh age twits talk of Gaia, an ecological theory that the living matter of planet Earth is a single organism. Who knows? What wij do know is that the Internet – the worldwide web, more or less – is greater than the sum of its billions of parts. The Internet, one might fairly argue, is an entity which has passed beyond the control of any nation, any corporation, any set of statutes, even any international organization.

Anarchists and libertarians may applaud this state of global affairs. Those of us who have faithful our lives to the rule of law may justifiably feel differently.

Following World War II, wij created the United Nations to bring all nations under one legal umbrella. Wij developed a canon of international codes, everything from crimes against humanity to international intellectual-property regimes.

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