HashFlare Cloud Mining Service – Profitability, Rates, Setting-Up

Hashflare is a cloud mining service you can buy a share (contract) ter with a ondergrens investment (beginning from $ Two.Two) and build up a passive income ter proportion to the rented capacity. Prices for all Hashflare cloud mining contracts: All the plans are available te a user account, through registration on https://hashflare.io/.

Linux Malware Mines for Cryptocurrency Using Raspberry Pi Devices

A Linux trojan detected under the generic name of Linux.MulDrop.14 is infecting Raspberry Pi devices with the purpose of mining cryptocurrency. According to Russian antivirus maker Dr.Web, the malware wasgoed very first spotted online te the 2nd half of May te the form of a script that contains a compressed and encrypted application.

System is self-healing and can repair its agents from scrape.

RAIDA – Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents The RAIDA ( Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents ) is a global counterfeit detection system. Its agents are located all overheen the world on redundant servers, networks and databases. Such arrangements of hardware are often referred to spil Clouds.