Advanced Algorithms, Maxcoin Reborn and a 2nd Poetslap for Dogecoin

UPDATE: Josh Wise has won the online NASCAR vote thanks to the dogecoin community’s efforts.

According to NASCAR, Wise wasgoed quoted spil telling:

“That’s unreal. I can’t believe that. That’s amazing. Thank you everybody watching.”

Wise and his team will now take part te tomorrow’s 2014 Spurt All-Star Wedloop ter Charlotte.

It wasgoed another strong week te the world of alternative digital currencies, spil several coins witnessed extraordinaire price gains while developers sparked renewed activity ter some established coin communities.

While there’s always slew of activity ter the altstem world, here are some of the more noteworthy developments from the past week.

Fresh life for Maxcoin?

Maxcoin, the altcoin championed by verslaggever and correspondent Max Keiser, debuted to much fanfare earlier this year but stumbled following technical problems during the rollout.

The price spiked to harshly $Trio within days, and fell just spil quickly. Spil of this writing, the average price for a single maxcoin is just below US$0.05.

Yet, there may be renewed development taking place ter the maxcoin community, according to a postbode on the Bitcoin Talk forum by one of the altcoin’s core developers, Luke Mitchell.

Mitchell said ter a statement that maxcoin is alive and well, announcing:

“The coin is still under development and is not going away any time soon. The MaxCoin community is growing and, despite the negative press it receives – of which much, I believe, is from people who hoped to “get rich quick”, spil goombaloon so succinctly mentions – wij are working with developers on a number of MaxCoin related projects.”

Mitchell also dismissed rumors that he and the development team acted to secured large amount of maxcoins during launch spil “unfounded and false”.

CoinDesk reached out to Mitchell for comment but did not receive an instantaneous response.

Keiser himself recently fanned the flames of speculation of a maxcoin revival te a 14th May postbode to his Twitter account:

Could maxcoin be making a comeback? The altstem world will have to wait and see what Keiser and his team have up their sleeves.

Dogecar’s 2nd poetslap

NASCAR driver Josh Wise, beloved sports icon of the dogecoin community, may be getting a 2nd chance behind the wheel of the crowdfunded Dogecar.

Wise is locked te a taut bid to go after up his amazing show at Talladega last month at the NASCAR Spurt All-Star Wedstrijd on 17th May te Charlotte, North Carolina. Wise is one of a long list of drivers contesting ter an online vote, the winner of which gains entry into the wedloop.

Participants can vote spil many times spil they wish. Since the contest wasgoed announced, the dogecoin community has undertaken a get-out-the-vote campaign ranging from Twitter posts, reddit bulletins and, spil always, elaborately conceived YouTube movies.

Signs suggest that Wise, despite the odds, may succeed te his bid. According to a member of the dogecoin community on reddit claiming to have a connection inwards NASCAR, Wise is presently te 2nd place behind driver Danica Patrick.

Brisbane gains an alt-dispensing ATM

Queensland, Australia, has received its very first bitcoin ATM at a local cafe te South Brisbane. Te addition to bitcoin transactions, the machine will also provide support for litecoin and dogecoin.

The ATM, developed by Peru-based ATM manufacturer Bit2Bit, is located at The Roastery. Users will be able to buy and sell digital currency, spil well spil make BTC, LTC and DOGE withdrawals.

One of the co-owners of The Roastery, Bruce Carrall, told the Brisbane Times that the cafe launched the ATM to tapkast into the local passion for digital currencies, telling:

“There’s a loterijlot of people who have bot waiting for this. There’s Bitcoiniacs who have meetings everywhere every week, and thesis groups are growing rapidly.”

Best of all, ventilatoren of litecoin and dogecoin will be able to use receipts from the machines to make purchases at the cafe. Next time you’re te South Brisbane with your DOGE wallet handy, you might want to think about stopping buy for a cup of coffee.

The rise of X11

Te latest months, innovations have come out of the altcoin community that have shoved fresh mining approaches and algorithms into the fore. From Scrypt-N to Groestl, more advanced systems for veryifing transactions within the coin network are reshaping the altcoin landscape.

According to a document created by pool technicus, X11 “provides a very efficient way to mine coins”. The algorithm does not pose the same power needs spil other proof-of-work digital currencies, results te lower warmth ranges and and greater hardware longevity spil a result.

Pioneered by darkcoin, X11 has leisurely gained traction te terms of fresh coin implementation. Darkcoin, along with Hirocoin and quebecoin, are perhaps the most notable examples of X11 coins. Additionally, the algorithm has bot integrated by some elements of the multipool community, with several pools suggesting X11 spil a mining option.

For altcoin miners, X11 presents an interesting alternative that could become more vooraanstaand within the ecosystem. Those hoping to increase the lifetime of their mining equipments may want to consider this fresh algorithm spil a viable option.

Strange altstem of the week

Te a latest edition of All Things Altstem, wij highlighted facebookcoin, an altcoin which wandered into the risky legal area of trademark infringement.

The altcoin development community is at it again with thesmurfscoin, a proof-of-stake coin that relies on the loveable Smurf characters of 1980s cartoon fame.

Thesmurfscoin’s odd name and utilization of proprietary pictures from the latest The Smurfs feature films for its insignia has earned it this week’s Strange Altstem of the Week award.

Unlike most fresh proof-of-stake coins, thesmurfscoin is launching without an initial proof-of-work phase, instead opting for a distribution phase executed by the developer. Forty procent of the coin’s 100m max supply wasgoed scheduled to be distributed to users, according to a postbode on Bitcoin Talk.

A multipool has bot set up to provide buy support for thesmurfscoin, which thus far has only bot listed on one exchange. However, this strategy mirrors the multipool treatment previously employed by members of the blackcoin community.

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