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Why Are Brainy Investors Choosing UCW for Their Bitcoin IRA?

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After all there’s no point investing your money te rapidly rising commodities if your entire investment can be stolen te seconds…

…and when wij say Rapidly Rising, that’s an understatement

Take Too Long Choosing Your Bitcoin IRA Provider and You WILL Miss Out

+Two,500% ter Eighteen months

+Three,000% te 8 months

+Four,218% te 12 months

+883% ter 7 months

+Two,410% ter 8 months

+Two,843% ter 6 months

+810% ter Four months

Some Managed Bitcoin IRAs Have Seen Healthy Gains ter spil Little spil Three Years

OK – So What are Cryptocurrencies such spil Bitcoin?

Well, this is a form or type of digital money that is designed to be anonymous te many cases and which is stringently secure. It can also be referred spil a currency that is related to the internet and uses cryptography, a process of converting legitimate information into the unhacked or uncrackable code, ter order to track transfers and purchases.

However, te the digital era, this process evolved with components of mathematical theory spil well spil laptop science to be a way to secure information, communication, and money online.

The very first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – wasgoed created back te 2009 and it is still the most popular. Ter the past decade, there has bot a proliferation development of cryptocurrencies, and they are more than 900 presently which are available on the Internet. For more information, let us discuss various best altcoins.


Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency that wasgoed released spil open-source software ter 2009. The Bitcoin protocol enables the users to perform peer-to-peer transactions, using a freshly distributed ledger called the Blockchain and also the digital currency and avoiding the “Double Spending” punt. Blockchain currency is the revolutionizing money. Te fact, ter this process, there is no central authority or any server that is required to verify the transactions. Instead, the legitimacy of your payments is determined by the decentralized network. Bitcoin is the most liquidity spil well spil significant network effects. It has a brand and widespread name recognition all overheen the globe with an approximately eight-year track record.


This is an open-source software verhoging that depends on the Blockchain technology that permits developers to create and deploy the decentralized application. The fiercest rival to Bitcoin ter circulation nowadays wasgoed created by Microsoft, J.P Morgan Pursue, and Intel. The Primary Purpose of the endeavor wasgoed to program the cording agreements into Blockchain. Spil a result, it incarnated into the now-popular brainy contract feature. Te the Ethereum cryptocurrency, miners work toward earning ether, rather than mining for Bitcoins. Ether is a type of crypto token that typically fuels the network Ether can also be used by the application developer, beyond the tradable cryptocurrency, to pay for various transactions services and fees on the Ethereum Network.


Litecoin wasgoed released or launched back ter 2011 spil a close and early alternative to Bitcoin. Around 2011, very specialized and increasingly expensive hardware wasgoed required te order to mine Bitcoins. Spil a result, it wasgoed challenging for a regular person to get te on the market. The algorithm of Litecoin wasgoed therefore adopted with an initial attempt to develop an even playing field so that any person with a regular laptop can participate ter the network. Litecoin wasgoed created by the former Google Engineer, Charles Lee, with an effort of improving upon Bitcoin. Ter this system, the speed of generating a fresh block wasgoed dramatically enhanced, and the transactions are much quicker compared to Bitcoins.


Ripple is a currency exchange, real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), and remittance network that stepped into the cryptocurrency strijdperk te 2012. Also known spil Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) or Ripple protocol, this crypto wasgoed developed upon a distributed open source Internet protocol, general agreement ledger and native cryptocurrency called XRP (ripples). Ripple claims to permit “secure, instant and almost free global financial transactions of any size without chargebacks”. Ripple supports tokens signifying fiat currency, cryptocurrency, commodity, or any storage of value such spil frequent flier miles or smartphone minutes. After all is said and done, Ripple is based around a collective, public database or ledger, which relies on a general agreement that permits for exchanges, payments, and remittance te a distributed process.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency Investing

According to the latest research, it has bot discovered that some of the most financially successful people all overheen the world are Bitcoin and other altcoin investors.

The Founder of PayPal, Yahoo, and e-Bay, Billionaire Richard Branson spil well spil Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-Shing, all invest te Bitcoins. However, while this financial success is also pegged on various factors, it is an overduidelijk fact that Bitcoins and other altcoins are gaining more popularity spil the worldwide currency.

The following are some of the benefits of investing ter cryptocurrencies…

  1. Cryptocurrencies have lower inflation risk: Note that all the offline paper currencies are under the control of respective governments and that is why at all times they are subject to, sometimes disastrous for the consumer, fluctuation ter the value of thesis offline paper currencies.

Once a government paper currency loses value, its purchasing power goes down. This results te you paying a significant amount of money to obtain products and services. However, with cryptocurrencies such spil Bitcoins, which for example will be limited to a total of 21 million Bitcoins mined, there’s no need to worry about your metselspecie getting devalued. Ter fact, by the year 2050, it has bot estimated that there will be ter the circulation of a single Bitcoin to cater for approximately 500 people globally.

  • Investors of Cryptocurrencies believe that the currency has a lower failing risk compared to other currencies, which is a fact. The reason behind this is that Cryptocurrencies are a global currency that is not based on any government policy. Therefore, it can never fail or result ter hyperinflation or finish collapse of the crypto coin.
  • Cryptocurrencies transactions are plain, cheap and effortless. Because the buyers can never voorkoop their money back after any purchase, it assures the seller an excellent chance to ship the service or product to the buyer without any hesitation or worry about the recovery.
  • Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the capability to create something that is not duplicable te the digital world has enormous value.”

    Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

    Why Has the Bitcoin IRA become a Desirable Retirement Investment?

    Spil the entire price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seems to set a fresh record almost daily, most people are nosey about how to get te the act. For the past duo of years, Regal Wallet, the United States Bitcoin IRA Center of Regal Assets, now doing business internationally ter the Dubai DMCC under their global brand Regal Cryptos, has provided American retirees with retirement accounts invested entirely ter the Bitcoin. The individual retirement account, also known spil an IRA, is a tax-advantaged driver that typically encourages most people to set aside money for their retirement.

    Recently, this Bitcoin IRA service provider has also expanded into global cryptocurrency investment and physical cold storage accounts for international investors which also permits US-Based IRA account investors to love the same security protections and insurance for their Bitcoin, Bitcoin Contant, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Ripple IRA’s that their international cryptocurrency investors do.

    Thusly, spil the 1st fully licensed company te the ENTIRE Middle East when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, at this time Regal Wallet is the only crypto currency IRA provider ter the world to opoffering a total range of safe and secure cryptocurrency investment and physical storage opportunities that are fully insured by Lloyds of London.

    Obtaining this license required Regal Assets DMCC, the parent company of Regal Wallet, working directly with the Government of Dubai to create a brand fresh category that didn’t even exist yet te their systems. This licensing is just another added layer of security and protection that Regal Wallet brings to their IRA clients.

    Entrusting your cryptocurrencies retirement nest egg to cryptocurrency investment companies that do not (or are incapable to) suggest you this level of physical storage protection is a big gamble, due to security issues that exist even with the most sturdy of software or cloud based storage mediums. Regal Wallet offers you this form of ultra-vaulted physical storage protection, and they have the insurance backing of Lloyds of London to do this for you securely.

    Give Regal Wallet a call at 1 (877) 478-7320 so they can give you all the details and reaction any and all of your questions to your satisfaction, or request your complimentary in-depth Bitcoin IRA investment kleefstof here at Universal Crypto Wallet to get all of the facts instead of all the hype that’s floating around the web.

    Request Your Complimentary Bitcoin IRA Guide and DVD

    Where Will Your Cryptocurrencies Be Stored?

    Storing your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Specie, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Ripple IRA tokens securely is a very crucial topic that every US resident who is earnestly considering a self directed Cryptocurrency IRA should understand. Ter several cases where they are being hacked like ter Dashcoin, the wallets are being breached like te Parity, and the exchange is facing fights like te Poloniex, having a safe option to store your digital currency IRA investments will be the top priority. It is not safe to leave your coins on an exchange verhoging, mainly if you hold a significant amount of cryptocurrency.

    There are various options to store your crypto, and the cheapest one being paper wallets. What is paper wallet? Well, a paper wallet means that you print out the public and private keys to your crypto storage wallets. The printed secure keys provide you with access to your coins and losing your paper wallet also means that you have lost your coins exactly spil if you had lost regular contant!

    However, spil mentioned before, Regal Wallet physically stores your IRA cryptos offline ter their maximum security vault located te their building, Almas Tower, located ter Dubai, and this protects them from being hacked spil your coins are stored te hardware or cold storage wallets. Thesis cold storage, multisig (multisignature) option also available for reserve peace of mind, wallets are typically a puny hard drive that securely keeps your cryptocurrency wallet information, which Regal Wallet keeps ter their Dubai Vault. Different types of hardware wallets are available for your self directed IRA, and Regal Wallet proceeds to forge ahead with fresh products ter this respect and of course, they will proceed to add fresh features to their offline wallets due to enhancing request.

    Is an Offshore Bitcoin IRA the Way to Go?

    The offshore universal crypto wallet available from Regal Wallet is the best way to protect your Bitcoin IRA. It will securely store the balance of your Bitcoin or other self directed IRA-eligible cryptocurrencies of your choice. Ter fact, a single Offshore Bitcoin IRA from Universal Crypto Wallet can be associated with all of them if you so desire.

    Wij understand that there are several options out there when it comes to investing te and storing your Bitcoin IRA, but, spil mentioned before, they all come with serious security risks that could wipe out your investment. Wij believe that Regal Wallet has developed a virtually flawless process to hold your cryptocurrency for the long term which involving the cold storage options wij’ve bot discussing.

    Once you acquire enough coins that losing them would be painful, you should stir them to an offline wallet – a method commonly referred to spil cold storage.”

    Choosing Your Bitcoin IRA Storage Provider

    When you are selecting your Bitcoin IRA investment provider, it’s significant to understand the security responsibility of your provider. Note that the security responsibilities of cloud providers typically differ inbetween the service models. For the cloud providers who provide services, security is the foot responsibility of the provider including the environmental, physical, infrastructure, gegevens and application security spil well spil people. Also, it is a good idea to get to know their service-level agreements and customer service.

    Note that service-level agreements provide ensures on services delivery and most providers suggest compensation if their promises do not hold. Ensure that the regulatory requirement is a top priority. The regulatory compliance may be complicated and utter of testing controls for every regulation. It is wise to select a service provider that understands various regulatory requirements to help ter making the IT cargo effortless.

    Cold Storage ter the Dubai DMCC Vault

    It is clear that if there’s a starlet city to storage and converse gold and other precious metals, it is Dubai. This is because no taxes are imposed or you love reasonable storage costs to store individual and corporate or other valuable assets. Regal Wallet, through parent company Regal Assets DMCC, provides locations to physically store your IRA cryptocurrencies te various locations through their partnership with Brinks, with Regal’s investors tending to go for the maximum security vault located ter Dubai office building, Almas Tower, which is the safest and most popular storage facility te the Middle East and proclaimed the 5th most secure vault ter the world.

    All transactions with Regal Assets DMCC serve with the highest possible Internet security standards. Both the Regal Assets DMCC and Regal Wallet sites are standard Norton server assured sites secured by VeriSign since their inceptions and spil such both provide you with exceptional privacy protection and transaction processing.

    Are you ready to take your Bitcoin IRA and storage to the next level of hacker-proof safety and security? Request your complimentary Guide and DVD here or give a friendly, knowledgeable Regal Wallet Stateside Bitcoin IRA Specialist a call today at 1 (877) 478-7320 for your absolutely free consultation.

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