Bitcoin Miners Rejoice Spil NiceHash Comes back With The Promise To Restore Stolen Wallets, BTCMANAGER

December 29, 2018 20:45 by Priyeshu Garg

It wasgoed nothing brief of a nightmarish situation for many NiceHash users when the Slovenia-based bitcoin mining pool’s webstek mysteriously disappeared on December 6, 2018. Not too long after, the company exposed that it wasgoed facing a cyber attack.

Massive Mining Stekje

NiceHash confirmed that it had lost almost Four,450 BTC during the breach. The dollar-valuation of the stolen bitcoin stash stood at a whopping $62 million when the crime wasgoed committed (and has enhanced substantially since). Miners who had their recently mined coins stolen feared the worst spil It looked like they were unlikely everzwijn to get those stolen coins back.

However, much to their joy, NiceHash has now announced that it is back online and the process to refund affected miners is already underway.

The refund is indeed a big ease for the company’s customers – especially considering that speculations were rife about the breach being an inwards job. Not to mention that the ambiguity surrounding the company’s refund policy further added to thesis speculations.

Thesis speculations have now bot laid to surplus by a letterteken from the company’s chief marketing officer Andrej Skraba. The letterteken confirms that a group of international investors helped the company to raise enough reserves to refund and restore all user wallets.


“We are glad to announce wij have bot able to reserve the funds required to restore balances from a group of international investors. Old balances will, therefore, be restored by January 31, 2018. Wij need this interim period to ensure all legal paperwork is processed correctly, so please be patient while wij do this,” the letterteken read.

However, the company is yet to confirm whether it would refund the users ter fiat or bitcoin. Meantime, some Reddit users have claimed that their NiceHash BTC balances had bot restored. Albeit, they also said that they were incapable to access the refunded balance spil of this writing.

Note that nobody yet knows if the attackers managed to lay their arms on sensitive user gegevens. Therefore, all users of the toneelpodium have bot recommended to alter their online passwords – just to be on the safe side. Also, they will once again be required to set up a two-factor authentication.

Enhanced Security Measures

Since its comeback, NiceHash has frequently bot updating its customers using social media. The company seems to have already finished the very first payout postbode re-launch. However, it has also issued a warning stating that the payment and withdrawal systems have undergone several switches due to enhanced security measures.

Te a related development, the mining pool is said to be working on implementing altcoin payments to get rid of the Bitcoin network’s high transaction fees.

So what’s your take on this entire fiasco with a glad ending? Are you astonished that NiceHash wasgoed able to get back on its knee so soon after coming under a security breach of enormous scale? Let us know te the comments below.

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