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What Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services Wij Are Using

Time for an updated look on what cloud mining services are presently using, both older ones that have bot available for fairly some time spil well spil fresh ones that wij’ve commenced checking out more recently. This quick overview will also voorkant some latest developments around the various services listed below that wij are following. Also it seems that lately there is also a fresh alternative to traditional cloud mining that is gaining some rente from services such spil HaoBTC or Bter that pay users rente based on deposited coins, rente that is generated by mining. Thesis services suggest lower profit overheen a longer term, but also the risk is lower than that of investing te a cloud mining operation. Also thesis services pay you rente on an hourly or daily voet and your deposited coins are not locked, so you can use them at any time you need them. Hashnest also attempted something like an alternative to traditional cloud mining with their PACMiC offers, but their fresh v2 is not spil attractive spil their initial offerande. But back to the traditional cloud mining services…

Genesis Mining is the preferred Bitcoin cloud mining service ter terms of transparency and reliability and wij’ve bot using it for about a year already. The company is open, their teams frequently take part ter crypto currency events and they have published information on their mining operations including their hardware suppliers. Daily payouts, transparency, numerous ways to purchasing cloud mining hashrate, very likely not the fastest ROI out there, but less riskier. Here is a special promotional code that you can use to get a 5% discount for hashrate purchases – CryptoMiningBlog5.

ZeusHash is a bit controversial with their cloud mining offers overheen time that have bot unprofitable, but with their more latest offers they seem to be doing much better. Their partnership with the large Halley China mining farm has permitted them to suggest a good price for their cloud mining hashrate and their most latest opoffering for 30 day cloud mining contracts with the users getting back what they have paid primarily plus what they have mined at the end of the contract wasgoed also an interesting chance.

GigaHash is still one of the smaller Bitcoin cloud mining farms that wij see a good chance for growth ter. Commenced spil a private mining investment and after that suggesting cloud mining services to broader audience with their mining farm expanding all the time, lately based on AntMiner S5 ASICs. Daily payouts, useful and clean custom-built interface, good and timely support when there are some kleuter of issues, so worth checking out even however wij’ve commenced using the service more recently.

Mining Sweden is another relatively fresh entry ter the cloud mining toneel, beginning spil a smaller mining operation with plans to grow with the help of its users. The service offers Mining Shares (presently sold out) that are only for cloud mining and VIP Shares that give you not only cloud mining hashrate, but percentage of the profits of the mining operation. The service also offers users to buy BitMain AntMiner S5 ASIC miners and have them hosted ter their gegevens center. Could be a good long term investment spil things seem to be working pretty well so far. Here is an reserve 10% discount code from the regular prices that you can use, just come in ms10 during checkout.

HashFlare is another more latest service evidently operated by a bit controversial Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer. So far it seems that the service is working just fine and is paying out without any problems, but still you might want to be careful with larger investments just te case. If you want to attempt it out, here is a promo code for 5% off for purchases overheen 250 GHS – HF15SMMR5P2 or 20% off for purchases overheen 2500 GHS – HF15SMMR20P2.

Eobot is a service that has bot available for fairly some time already, according to their webstek since 2013, but wij’ve just recently determined to check it out and so far it seems everything seems to be running fine and spil promised. Originally it did not consider their offers of much rente, but their GHS Two.0 Bitcoin cloud mining contracts do not seem so bad at the uur with the current market situation. They also do have some other interesting services such spil Cloud Folding and their own mining pool, so you might want to take a look, just stay away from their mining app.

A bit of warning te the end, stay away from the Bitcoin Cloud Services spil they have all of a sudden stopped paying about a month ago, but their webstek is still online and they are still “accepting” payments form fresh users that never get hashrate or any payment ter terugwedstrijd, so do not throw your coins there! Another service that has bot available for fairly a while called Scryptcc has also had trouble recently claiming to have bot hacked and a few hundred Bitcoins stolen from them and albeit they have returned and seem to be back online wij would advice to stay away from the service for the uur, spil they have lowered the mining income users are getting ter order to get back what wasgoed evidently stolen from them. Until they resume normal operation with normal mining prizes for their users wij would advice to stay away from them.

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Checking Out the Eobot Cloud Mining Service

The Eobot cloud mining service has evidently bot te operation since April 2013 and is based ter California, USA and wij’ve known about it for fairly some time, but have not attempted it up until recently. The service says that their “cloud mining should be considered spil a joy, recreational activity and not a source of income or investment”, so it does make reasonable promises and does not attempt to make you believe you will ROI te no time. It has numerous options available, speciaal from standard cloud mining it also offers cloud folding services, the capability to rent hashrate and point it to your on pool, or mine with your hardware te their mining pools, they even opoffering their own software for mining. There is also a built te faucet with puny daily payouts built-in that can help you get embarked even without investing your own money or coins ter the service plus some awards to stimulate you to comeback often such spil a daily DOGE prize just for logging te. You can choose to mine not only Bitcoin, or Litecoin, but also BlackCoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Reddcoin, BitShares, CureCoin, StorjcoinX, Monero, Counterparty, Stellar, Bytecoin, Peercoin, NXT or MaidSafeCoin. However the extra coins are not mined directly, but very likely your mined profit is exchanged for the crypto currency you choose.

At the uur the service has almost 230 thousand users registered, but evidently not that much of them actually have purchased a loterijlot of hashrate for clud mining. There are two options available te the form of Five year contracts – GHS 1.0 sold at $0.20 USD vanaf GHS with a maintenance toverfee of $0.00232/GHS/Day and GHS Two.0 available at a price of $0.50 USD with a lower maintanance toverfee of $0.00117/GHS/Day. The very first option offers cheaper price for the hashrate, but the profitability is much lower with the maintenance toverfee resulting ter about 95% of what you mine. The GHS Two.0 contracts on the other palm are pricier, but with lower maintenance toverfee (evidently using AntMiner S5 spil mining hardware) that is presently about 49% of what you mine. The mining pauze even time te months at the uur is almost 50 months for the GHS 1.0 and about 12 months for the GHS Two.0 cloud mining contracts according to the service stats. At some point there were also scrypt cloud mining contracts being sold spil well, but thesis are no longer available.

YOu can purchase cloud mining hahsrate or use the service spil a form of crypto currency exchange, but you should be aware that when using crypto currencies to buy hashrate or to exchange inbetween them there is a 5% toverfee charged. There si also support for purchasing hashrate via PayPal, but if you do so there is a rule that no withdraws can be made for 180 days after every PayPal purchase spil evidently set spil a precaution to avoid fraud, but not very convenient for fair miners. Wij have purchased about 100 GHS of GHS Two.0 Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate a few days ago to check out the service and so far everything seems to run sleekly and problem free. Interestingly enough with just about 100 GHS of hashrate the webstek ranks us te the top 150 users te terms of purchased hashrate from the 230K ter total.

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BitLicense Driving Away Puny Bitcoin Businesses from NY

It seems that Fresh York’s BitLicense regulations that recently have bot finalized are already “encouraging” smaller Bitcoin businesses to either stir away or zekering working with users from fresh York. Just a few days ago wij’ve had an announcement that the BTC Guild pool is closing down on June 30th citing the BitLicense regulations spil one of the reasons for that decision. It seems however that the Bitcoin mining pool is not the only Bitcoin business that is taking into account thesis regulations spil the Eobot Cloud Mining Service has also evidently taken the regulations earnestly and has announced that it will zekering working with users from the State of Fresh York. Below is a quote of the official announcement:

Eobot will cease operations te the State of Fresh York spil of July 1, 2015.

To All Customers: If you are residing te and/or accessing Eobot within the State of Fresh York, US, please withdraw all coins and cease all mining with Eobot spil of July 1, 2015, spil wij are ceasing all Eobot mining connections from within Fresh York at that time.

Wij regret that wij voorwaarde cease Eobot business within Fresh York State, however the fresh BitLicense requirements te this state place compliance and cost burdens upon Eobot that wij believe are excessive.

The Eobot Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service has bot available for fairly some time, very likely among the oldest ones that are still operating. However wij have not used it spil some of its offers are not among the most profitable ones and have always seemed bit strange to us, but evidently it has large user base according to their statistics (overheen 224 thousand users). The service also has some sort of a downloadable miner, along with minerd and cgminer, but if you already have some mining hardware there are very likely better and more profitable ways to utilize it. Still the service might be worth checking out, so wij are going to.

Back on the BitLicense regulations, it seems that instead of helping Bitcoin-related businesses they will end up causing trouble for some smaller businesses that can choose to zekering operating ter NY. Another, even worse outcome, could be for smaller businesses to go “in the dark” ter order to avoid conforming with the required regulations and proceed to operate te NY without conforming with the BitLicense. It will be interesting to see what will be the reaction of larger Bitcoin businesses to the BitLicense regulations, but wij expect that some of thesis will also determine to zekering operating te the State of Fresh York…

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