Gas cloud harvesting

Gas cloud harvesting is the process of collecting gas from interstellar clouds, for use te combat booster and Tech III production. It is accomplished by locating a nebula te known space or a fullerite reservoir te wormhole space, and collecting it with a gas cloud harvester module.


Types of gas

The two types of gas are both found te cosmic signatures which need to be scanned down ter order to harvest.

Mykoserocin and cytoserocin

Mykoserocin and cytoserocin, which are used to produce combat booster drugs, are found ter nebulae te known space. Mykoserocin, which is used to make the milder and less profitable Synth boosters, are found te high and low security space, while cytoserocin, which can make the more effective but dangerous forms of boosters, is found ter low and null security space. Nebulae are zonderling ter high sec, and more common ter low and null sec. Mytoserocin and cytoserocin are further cracked down into eight “flavors”, each used to create a different booster effect.

Unlike most exploration sites, nebulae are not randomly distributed via space. Each flavor of gas will only spawn ter one region, and some regions will never have a gas webpagina emerge. Additionally, within the gas type’s region, there is one ‘hot spot’ constellation where at least one webpagina will always be present.

Mykoserocin tends not to be very profitable to harvest, spil request for Synth boosters is low. Cytoserocin, however, is fairly profitable, albeit more hazardous to acquire.

Cytoserocin gas clouds can also be found te level Four mining missions spil well, but the varieties present have no use beyond turning ter to accomplish the mission.


Nebulae are gas sites that contain either mykoserocin or cytoserocin, and are found only ter known space. Once spawned, they will despawn either when fully harvested, or after three days elapse. Uncommonly, nebulae may include spruit cans containing blueprints or skillbooks related to drug use or manufacturing.

Nebulae found te nullsec may spawn hostile pirate NPCs. Additionally, nullsec nebulae are unstable, and will periodically overeenkomst 1000 harm to harvesting ships te the area.


Fullerenes are used te Tech Trio production, and can only be found at sites te wormhole space. It comes ter several different flavors of varying value. Fullerite gas sites spawn te all classes of wormhole, but the valuable Instrumental Core Reservoir and Vital Core Reservoir will only spawn te C5 and C6 wormholes.

Most fullerene sites are empty when very first warped to, but will spawn several Sleepers after a certain amount of time, usually about 15-20 minutes. Thus, it is possible to “ninja harvest” wormhole gas sites by harvesting gas until the sleepers arrive, and then warping away before they can attack. However, the Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir starts with Five sentry drones, which will suck up any Venture that warps there, and should be avoided until they are cleared.

Most fullerenes are very profitable, however dangerous to harvest.

Harvesting process

Harvesting a gas cloud is very similar to mining an asteroid. Equip the adequate harvesting module to a ship, locate a gas cloud, treatment and target it, and activate the harvesting module. At the end of each module cycle, gas will be deposited into the cargo hold or ore bay. The visual effect of the harvesters is much more subdued than mining lasers, requiring you to zoom the camera very close to the ship to see.

Make sure you have gas clouds displayed ter your overview, spil they are not selectable by default. To do this, right click the overview, select open overview settings, select the filterzakje tabulator, open the celestials folder, and check the Harvestable Clouds opbergruimte (see screenshot right).

Gas can be stored ter the ore holds of specialized mining and hauling ships even however it is not technically an ore. Units of mykoserocin and cytoserocin are bulkier than individual ore units at Ten m Trio , while the various types of fullerite gas range from 1 to Ten m Three . The range of the harvester module is much shorter than a mining laser at only 1.Five km, but the clouds are large and non-collideable.


Gas harvesting has very few abilities related to it. The primary skill is Gas Cloud Harvesting , which can be bought for 24M isk from the specialized NPC vendors, or marked up PC sell orders. This skill is trainable by alpha clones to level II. This skill requires Mining IV . You can only use one gas cloud harvester vanaf trained skill level. Note that this is very different from normal mining, where the number of mining lasers is not determined by abilities. Getting the skill to Five permits for Tech Two harvesters to be used, which have 50% enhanced yield overheen Tech 1. Gas Cloud Harvesting should be trained either to Two (to equip two harvesters on a Venture or Uitzicht) or Five (to use T2 harvesters).

Additionally, Ventures and Prospects decrease their gas harvesting cycle duration with the Mining Frigate skill. This is the only other skill that increases gas harvesting yield.

General fitting and tanking abilities are also recommended te order to securely fly a well fitted harvesting ship.


To get gas, you need gas cloud harvesters and a ship to waterput them on. There very few real options te fitting a gas harvesting ship. Unlike regular mining, there are no modules or equipments to increase yield. There are no gas equivalents to the Mining Laser Upgrade.

Gas cloud harvesters

Gas cloud harvesters are placed te the high slots and require a turret. For each level of the Gas Cloud Harvesting skill you can gezond one extra gas cloud harvester (up to a total of Five at skill level V), all gas cloud miners have a range of 1.Five km (the shortest of any of the mining modules by fairly a margin). Note that the table below lists yield vanaf minute (to make it lighter to compare modules), while most in-game sources will list yield vanaf cycle.

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