Get utter control and visibility overheen you mining farm with Genesis Hive

Whether you are fresh to mining cryptocurrency, or played the role of an early adopter when it wasgoed very first introduced, managing all your equipments one by one will make you sick.

If you mine long enough, the need to manage all your equipments at the same time will become your number one concern. Gratefully control panels exist.

The ultimate control panel to manage your equipments called Genesis Hive is Bitmart’s Mining Farm Management Software.

It is an all te one instrumentenbord that assembles all your mining assets on a single pagina with detailed information.

While the web interface, developed by Genesis Mining Co., permits you to lightly setup, configure, monitor, and manage your bitcoin or altcoin mining farm, it provides you with total visibility of what is going on te your farms.


Never before has it bot so effortless to setup and install a mining farm infrastructure of any size.

The hive will automatically detect your miners, add it to the system, and reconfigure it to your needs, independently of your network infrastructure.


Stay te onveranderlijk control of your equipments from anywhere with a single instrumentenbord.

No matter where your farms and mining equipments are located overheen the globe.

Work with detailed information such spil hashrate, temperature, pool configuration, estimated power consumption, and much more.


All your miners are lightly set to any configuration profile you need.

Perform bulk updates, pool switches, or setup automatic tasks according to your environmental requirements – all te a matter of minutes.

The Hive monitoring implement is everything wij hoped it would be has enabled Bitmart to run and expand mining operations spil well spil that of their clients.

With onveranderlijk improvement on the Genesis Hive, today’s large-scale bitcoin miners can prepare for tomorrow’s needs te the world of mining.

The Genesis Hive Device is available at a retail price of R2995.

Genesis Hive Instrumentenbord

The hive gives you control and oversite that is fundamental for optimal profitability, and minimised cost.

Every one of the features te the Hive Device is handcrafted to make your system secure, reliable and most efficient.

The Genesis Hive device permits you to monitor the following:

  • Monitor the total hashrate of your equipments.
  • How many equipments are contributing to your hashrate.
  • What the health of each equipment is.
  • Which equipments are under performing.
  • What temperature each equipment is running at.
  • What is your total power consumption of the farm.

Since installing and managing bitcoin &, altcoin mining farms from early 2015, Bitmart have had to cope with many factors that made running a Bitcoin mining farm a phat resource consuming operation.

Bitmart uses the Hive Software to attain customers for Genesis Mining Co that use the Hive Software and suggest support to such clients ter South Africa.

This has made it possible for many South Africans control their entire farm from spil little spil R100 vanaf miner vanaf month – remote support included.

You can also mine any cryptocurrency you want, and have Bitmart help you manage your farm with Genesis’ Hive software.

This article wasgoed published ter partnership with Bitmart.

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