Gold Prices May Be Hurting Thanks to Bitcoin Buyers Amid Crypto Rush, Fortune

Bitcoin, the heavyweight of the cryptocurrency world, has billed itself spil digital gold—a safe toevluchthaven for investors to park their assets.

Evidently that pic is having an influence. While Bitcoin’s status spil a potential substitute investment to the shiny precious metal with thousands of years of human history is debatable, some investors are foregoing physical gold for its significantly junior brethren.

Spil Bitcoin prices inched toward an all-time high price above $Nineteen,500 ter December, Byron Salamida, 48, of San Diego took some of his gold coins and determined to sell them at a local precious metals dealer. He planned to take the contant and purchase cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin—as he had bot doing for the past two years. After all, while his gold coins were simply sitting there, with toughly the same value minute after minute, the price of the cryptocurrencies he wielded wasgoed shooting up—seemingly into the stratosphere.

“Why keep something ter gold? It’s stable. But why keep it ter gold when it stays te a $100 range, when I could buy Bitcoin when it is enhancing everyday?” Salamida said.

He wasgoed astonished to find when he got to the precious metals seller where he planned to offload his wares that he wasn’t the only gold proprietor who had the same idea.

The shop proprietor bought the gold from Salamida for about $Five to $Ten below spot price, citing low request. The holder mentioned he had noticed a latest surge te customers who were selling gold ter a bid to buy Bitcoin.

“There wasgoed undoubtedly a trend where it seemed like for a month people were selling precious metals for cryptocurrencies,” says Michael McConnell, the holder of precious metal seller San Diego Coin and Bullion, where Salamida has bot selling his gold coins for the past two years. “It seemed like it wasgoed every day—some days two or three times—[customers] would talk about Bitcoin.”

While McConnell says that the price at which he bought and sold Salamida’s coins had little to do with Bitcoin request (those prices are actually determined by yet another, larger precious metal dealer), latest research reports have pointed to a larger trend at play.

“The rapidly accelerating popularity and price ter cryptocurrencies, such spil Bitcoin…diverted substantial amounts of capital away from precious metals last year,” Thomson Reuters analysts wrote of gold request ter the U.S. te their 2018 Gold Survey released ter January. “Retail investors tend to have a shorter investment horizon thesis days and with cryptocurrencies recording parabolic increases overheen the year, many consumers were not able to withstand the temptation to get on houtvezelplaat.”

It’s a relatively latest development, says RBC Capital Markets Commodity Strategist Christopher Louney, who said he has noticed a potential correlation inbetween cryptocurrency prices and the value of gold. While the relationship appeared nonexistent before, Louney said the trend emerged late ter 2018 and continued into early 2018—suggesting that spil the price of Bitcoin soared into the quadruple digits, some investors may have bot offloading gold to pay for cryptocurrencies.

There’s some logic behind the correlation. Gold and Bitcoin certainly have their differences, but ter several ways, they also appeal to the same set of investor sensibilities.

“They’re stateless, with some people perceiving both spil stores of value,” says Louney. “There’s a similar psychology happening among the investors.”

For Salamida, the two assets did tug at similar heartstrings. One of the reasons why he wasgoed attracted to gold wasgoed because he didn’t trust the existing financial powers that be.

“I got foreclosed on te 2011. The banks weren’t indeed working with mij to come to a resolution. I wasgoed just laid off te 2010. It just snowballed,” he said. “I zuigeling of had a distrust of banks and the monetary system.”

He then made a living off of selling goods on eBay and buying into gold. Ter 2014, Salamida met Bitcoin, and “everything just clicked into place.”

But Bitcoin’s proponents should stay their palms before crowning the cryptocurrency the fresh gold.

Louney stresses that the correlation is minor—not fairly enough to budge gold prices, and not fairly enough to say that investors are presently earnestly considering Bitcoin spil gold’s replacement. Another caveat: the gegevens is sparse. The same macroeconomic factors that have traditionally affected gold prices still predominate the playing field, with stock market show being one of those factors. Mostly due to rising equity comes back, Louney says he expects gold prices to end the year lower than they began, and at around $1,303 on average for the year.

Bitcoin is, after all, far more volatile than gold, and still relatively unknown compared to other investment assets. Gold, on the other mitt, is well established with institutional investors and has fairly a bit of liquidity. While Bitcoin trading volumes tallied up to just overheen $Trio billion daily ter latest trading, gold trading volumes reach $250 billion a day, according to the World Gold Council.

Tho’ that’s not to say a Bitcoin-gold correlation won’t deepen with time, says Looney, who admits he will proceed tracking the relationship. Tho’ the emerging relationship also means that the converse may one day also be true—spooked Bitcoin investors could contant te their cryptocurrency te hard times for a less volatile asset.

So it wouldn’t be strange if Salamida, to some extent, wished he had held his assets ter something steadier than Bitcoin. After all, the cryptocurrency’s ups and downs have from time to time left him queasy, with the asset soaring to $20,000 on some exchanges te December, before falling below $6,000 earlier this month. Now, it rests just above $8,000.

But Salamida said he is holding taut and waiting for the bottom. He is saving metselspecie from his day job te cybersecurity and from gold sales. He maintains, however, that he would never go into debt to buy cryptocurrency, or use his credit card account to purchase the digital assets.

“I am loading up on specie on the sidelines to accumulate crypto on the dips. Like the old telling from Rothschild, ‘the time to buy is when there’s blood te the streets,’ ” he said.

And to those who have left the fold of the gold bugs for the greneboom of the “crypto crazies“? You’re always welcome back.

“We wish you luck. More power to you,” precious metal retailer McConnell said, professing that he himself knows little about Bitcoin and its peers. “But if you want gold, wij’re here.”

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