How to earn money with Rockwall Investments? Online investor nook

Rockwall Investments is a toneel, on which investors can invest te three markets:

1. Cryptocurrencies trading

Two. Cryptocurrencies mining

Investing options

Option 1 (My favourite one):

FUSION – passive cryptocurrencies trading on exchange.

Dedicated for people who may have no idea about exchange markets or have no time to trade and want to entrust professionals to do the trading for them.

Professional traders can make up to 1.5% profit daily.

For 150 days, invested money will be used by professional exchange traders to trade on exchange markets.

Each day, you will receive up to 1.5% of the amount, which you have invested.

After 150 days, you will receive up to 225% of invested amount (profits depends on traders results during this period).

Current average reckon up is 1.0% a day.

What gives mij 50% of real profit.

How to earn even more from the same investment?

Since, profits are transferred to your account daily, you can benefit from compound rente.

For example, if you will invest $1000, you will receive around $Ten each day. So after

Five days you will be able to deposit next $50(ondergrens investment), which will work for you for next 150 days.

By doing that for 150 days you will have $Three 468.03 working for you.

By doing that for 300 days you will have $Five 328.88 working for you.

By doing that for 450 days you will have $Ten 297.72 working for you.

By doing that for 600 days you will have $Nineteen 602.27 working for you.

Obviously, the more you deposit, the thicker profits you can make at the same time.

Option Two:

Passive cryptocurrency mining – cryptocurrencies mining by cloud mining stations.

Option dedicated to people who would like to mine cryptocurrencise, but don’t have required skill or equipment to begin on their own.

Rockwall Investments rents their professional cryptocurrencies mining stations.

Power of such stations is measured ter MH/s (mega hash vanaf 2nd).

Price of 1 MH/s depends on how many you want to buy:

1-99 MH/s – $25 each

100-599 MH/s – $24 each

600-4000 MH/s – $23 each

Each Mega Hash is bought for 730 days. During this time, machine will mine cryptocurrency for you and budge mined amount to your trading account.

Spil for now, Rockwall Investment offers to mine below cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Zcash (ZAC), Ubiq (UBQ), Dash (DASH), Futuro (FTO).

Current price of Bitcoin and 2nd most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum:

Each MH/s will commence mining after 30 days, since company have to buy mining equipment and install it. After 30 days, 730 days mining period will commence.

It is possible to buy more MH/s at any time.

Option Three:

Matrix (Shield) – money for recommending verhoging to fresh members.

Each time a fresh user will register from your recommendation and will buy a matrix, you will get 8% of it’s value (only if you already have the same matrix).

So ter case of matrix for $100, you will receive $8.

Additionally, if number of members te the matrix will reach 39, matrix will be closed and you will receive matrix value multiplied by 20.

So ter case of matrix for $100, you will receive $2000.

How matrix is packing with members?

Every time when you invite a fresh person to the toneel and this person will buy a matrix, he will be added to your matrix.

If member invited by you will invite fresh person and this person will buy a matrix, then he will be also added to your matrix.

There can be a situation that you have invited only Five people and they have invited 34 fresh members. Your matrix will close and you will receive matrix value multiplied by 20.

Everyone who is ter your matrix helps you close it.

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