HOW TO MINE CRYPTOS **** Beginners Guide, Carbonite

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Section Two = Mining on Windows

Section Trio = Mining on Linux

  • Which coin is most profitableThis varies everyday. It is unlikely to predict. You need to check on a daily poot but read below.
  • How to mine with Nvidia GPUPresently Nvidia have no GPU’s gezond for mining, hash/power is NOT profitable on any Nvidia card. (This might switch a little bit on Maxwell Nvidia Is About To Steal The Cryptocurrency Mining Crown From AMD – Forbes
  • Is mining profitable or worth it – It all depends on you and therefore no one is going to beg you to mine, or attempt it.

Crypto Refers to all virtual currency like BTC LTC FTC DOGE etc.

Coin – Virtually currency awarded for mining like BTC,LTC,FTC, DOGE and so forward.

Alt-Coins Alternative coins, they hop up overnight with high profitability but mine thesis with caution. Explained below.

Sha-256 – Algorithm used for Bitcoin mining and other sha-256 mining, Not profitable on GPU mining anymore due to ASICS (NOT covered te this guide )

Scrypt – Algorithm used for Litecoin, Feathercoin, Dogecoin and other scrypt based mining.

Miner – Program or application used to make your GPU’s do the workload (cgminer, sgminer, guiminer, multiminer etc)

Pool – This is a webstek where you will register an account. Be warned, There are good pools, bad pools and scam pools out there. Please find a list of trusted pools below.

Worker This is a unique username and password created on the pool (NOT your login username and password) The worker will report to the pool what your miner is doing.

Hash / Hash Rate Most significant term ter mining. Your hash/hash rate is your speed that your equipment/miner is working/mining at.

Note that Scrypt mining uses Khash (Kilo Hash) and Mhash (Mega Hash) whereas Bitcoin uses Ghash (Giga Hash)

1000 Khash = 1Mhash

Wallet Virtual wallet to store all your coins on your PC.

Exchange Webstek to trade sell and buy coins.

  • Windows 7 – Supports up to Five cards – AMD Drivers might be unstable, will have to fine tune and stress test. Can not run of USB drive.
  • Windows 8 – supports up to 6 cards – AMD Drivers might be unstable, will have to fine tune and stress test. Recommended for non-dedicated miners. Can run of USB drive minteken. 16GB+
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Mint etc) – Supports up to 7+ cards – AMD Drivers stable. Recommended for 1 or two dedicated miners. Can run of USB Drive minteken 8GB+
  • BAMT – Supports 7+ cards – AMD Drivers stable. Recommended for any type of dedicated farm. Can run of USB drive minteken 2GB+

NOTE: Linux can be run from USB, so you can restart your windows PC and run linux/bamt and restart again to boot windows.

Most significant part of mining is choosing the juist hardware.

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