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The Kunst of Managing Financial Risk

  • Posted by Julian Sarokin

Managing risk may be one of the most significant aspects of being a successful investor – the risk prize ratio is something you need to understand deeply te order to figure out which of the many investment strategies works best with your appetite for risk. Te basic terms, the more risky…

50 Years and The Future of Guns

  • Posted by Julian Sarokin

Spil gun violence becomes more prevalent te the United States, I think it would be interesting to explore potential technological solutions to the problems wij face spil a society when it comes to gun violence. It’s unfortunate that te 2018 someone with a mental disease,…

2018 Crypto Predictions: Fraud & Manipulation

  • Posted by Julian Sarokin

Moving into 2018 we’re observing lots of interesting activity ter the cryptocurrency space. I feel like a level of critical mass wasgoed kasstuk te the last few weeks, where everyone I know is asking how to invest te crypto currencies, what altstem coins to buy,…

How To Make Money Investing te Blockchains

  • Posted by Julian Sarokin

I recently embarked a petite cryptocurrency fund for investing te fresh / alternative blockchain protocols. Something I noticed spil an investor is that there’s a big learning-curve advantage that can be leveraged ter the cryptocurrency space to create an overall profitable investment strategy. Today, there’s…

How to Promote Your Kickstarter Campaign Like a Professional

  • Posted by Julian Sarokin

Overview: Overheen the last several years wij’ve seen a trend of fresh product concepts being brought to market through the power of the crowd. Many of thesis companies wouldn’t exist without the financial backing and proof of desire from their backers. The fattest problem many…

I’m On Television! Kinda…

  • Posted by Julian Sarokin

Got some cool press for one of my latest weekend hacks – check it out! – J

Solar Powered Briefcase!

  • Posted by Julian Sarokin

I desired to carry & charge all my stuff te a single package – boom, solar briefcase! Here’s what I gezond inwards: 1. MiFoto Tripod Two. Zoom H2n Mic Three. Canon S100 Four. Canon Rebel Five. 50mm Objectief 6. 18mm-135mm Objectief 7. Two Canon Chargers…

Thoughts on 21.Co

  • Posted by Julian Sarokin

It seems everyone is getting caught up on the mining chip and how it’s not power efficient and won’t be profitable for consumers or 21.co That’s most likely true, but it seems to be a loss-leader for creating & wielding the payment infrastructure of the future….

Ten Terrifyingly Awesome Scientific Theories

  • Posted by Julian Sarokin

The information ter this blog wasgoed sourced from this awesome /r/askreddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/31nbca/whats_the_scariest_theory_known_to_man/ 1. False Vacuum Theory: This is, te brief, a scientific hypothesis that our universe is actually te a false phase state spil part of a larger universe, like if it were ter a temporary…

Pivoting SellSimple After $250k, Trio Years & 150k Downloads

  • Posted by Julian Sarokin

With overheen 15,000 active listings, 150,000+ downloads, a spot spil the #1 free lifestyle app and a feature from Apple spil a ‘Fresh &, Noteworthy’ lifestyle app – SellSimple is undergoing a radical pivot. SellSimple wasgoed, by most accounts, moderately successful. The problem is, when…

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