Litecoin exchange rate – price graph, zakjapanner, LTC trading

Observe the exchange rate of Litecoin ter an online graph or use our rekenmachine for calculating a price of LTC te GBP. Do you know how to commence trading cryptocurrencies?

Price graph LTC/USD

How to use the price graph?

You can see a symbol of a cryptocurrency te the top-left corner of the graph (It s LTC/USD te this case), right next to it you will find time intervals 1m, 30m, 1h. If you select 30m, one candle will represent a time period of 30 minutes on the market. The time period can be switched by pressing an arrow heading down.

Current exchange rate of Litecoin (LTC) te USD and GBP

The price of Litecoin enlargened by Four.01% ter the last 24h. Te spite of the fact that the price enhanced te the last 24h, the exchange rate of LTC decreased by Five.51% te the last 7 days, so wij can not talk about an uptrend ter the long run. The total market value of Litecoin to 04.04.2018 09:14 is Five 121 952 946 GBP ( 7 213 977 592 USD), which makes it the Five. most valuable cryptocurrency te the world.

Litecoin rekenmachine

This rekenmachine can help you calculate the price from Litecoin to british pounds and get you the price of GBP te LTC. The rates are updated to 04.04.2018 09:14.

Where to buy or trade Litecoin?

Basically, you have two options, you can own it and buy it on some online exchange (for example at CoinBase) or you can trade spil CFD (contract for difference) for example at Plus500 ( I recommend you this option. – Why? Read more.).

With a help of CFD you can lose or make money when a price of a cryptocurrency goes up or down. The next benefit of trading CFD is that you use a financial leverage, which will permit you to multiply your profits and losses. Let s see how it looks ter a practice:

Example of CFD trade LTC

Let s say that wij buy Ten coins of LTC with leverage 1:Five, the exchange rate is 129,34 $ vanaf one unit. After a week wij will sell the currency with exchange rate 139,Sixty nine $, how much wij will make?

Ter the very first place, wij have to calculate how much wij have to waterput into the trade.

It s ordinary ->, (amount of units * exchange rate) / leverage ->, (Ten * 129,34 $) / Five = 258,68 $. So, wij will waterput into the trade 258,68 $, but the profits/loses are the same spil you would trade with 1 293,40 $ (Ten * 129,34 $).

Leverage 1:Five means that a broker will lend you Five times more than you waterput into the trade. This will permit you to trade fatter volumes of cryptocurrencies, it increases your potencial profits and losses.

The profit is calculated this way ->, (amount of units * exchange rate after week) – (amount of units * exchange rate ter the beggining) = (Ten * 139,Sixty-nine) – (Ten * 129,34) = 1 396,90 – 1 293,40 = 103,50 $.

Wij can calculate losses the same way, but the result will be a negative number. Wij recommend you to trade Litecoin with Plus500. They have plain and user-friendly trading verhoging, low spreads and English support available 24 hours on every working day. It s also a playmate of this webstek, not because they pay more than others, but because it s one of the best CFD brokers ter the world (ter my opinion) and I have fine private practice trading with them.

What do you think about Litecoin?

Is this cryptocurrency worth buying? What do you think about its future? Is it going to skyrocket or fall like a ton of bricks? Share your opinion with others by voting below:

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