Mining Cryptocurrency

I’ve bot spending my spare desktop pc cycles mining for the latest hot commodity, DogeCoin. I’m fortunate that the graphics card I already have is a pretty good miner already, the 7750 from MSI. Pushing only about 80% spil hard spil I could, I’m getting a constant 150 kh/s, building my fortune at a rate of about 1000 coins every 24 hours. The going rate for a grand of ? About $1.30. Sure that doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a sizable chunk of my daily rent cost of $8.33, which includes the electro-therapy that powers the miner.

Building Fresh Abilities

I didn’t expect that when I embarked mining for that I would begin assembling BAT files, using the windows console POWERCFG utility, tweaking processor core temps and fan speeds, or managing python libraries and scripts. I’ve learned more about computers te the last 24 hours than I have overheen the past 12 months and I’ve had a blast doing it.

Is It Risky?

DogeCoin doesn’t take itself too gravely. Which is for the best, considering that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and DogeCoin are still a massive unknown. If you take it too earnestly, you might invest a lotsbestemming of your time and money into something that finishes up evaporating like fog on a sunny day. Keep it light and keep your expectations low, and you’ll be better off no matter what happens.

How Do I Get Began?

You need a few things to begin mining.

  • A rekentuig. Any rekentuig will do but newer, better ones mine far better.
  • A Doge Wallet. This holds your coins. I use the desktop version 1.Five because it’s more secure than an online wallet.
  • Membership ter a mining pool. This is free and anonymous and you can get set up ter a duo of minutes. I use rapidhash. Once you are logged te you will need to create a worker for your mining utility to “log in” to.
  • A mining utility. This is by far the most complicated part of your setup. If you have a good graphics card based on AMD you will want to use cgminer Three.7.Two (not the newer versions). If you have a geforce graphics card you will need to use cudaminer. If your graphics card is deficient or non existent, you can use cpuminer instead but your mining speed is almost always quicker with a graphics card than with a CPU. There’s a utter list of graphics cards along with recommended utilities at litecoin.informatie.

Mining is done te a little terminal screen and set up using essentially an MS dos prompt. Fortunately the mining pool I recommended RapidHash makes a windows BAT opstopping for you that sets everything up automatically.

Can I Still Use my Laptop While Mining?

I did this entire article while my graphics card plugged away utter tilt mining DogeCoin. I wasgoed also running a Dwarf Fortress at its total complement of FPS.

Since the best mining method does not use the CPU, only graphic intensive tasks that use the graphics card are affected. That includes photoshop, youtube movies, and movie games. Even the animated vergif I used up above is much choppier than usual while mining.

Will Mining Hurt my Graphics Card?

It sure will if you let it get too hot. This rules out mining with most laptops because their airflow is so limited that they can’t treat the warmth. Most miners attempt to keep their graphics card temperatures at 80°C but I like to keep it at a much more conservative 65°C. I find the best way to keep the card cool is by by hand setting the fan control higher. Usually you will have to install the specialty software your graphics came with to adjust your fan controls.

Building a Dedicated Doge Miner

I found this useful tutorial on building a 500 kh/s equipment for 300$. Considering I’m glad to pay 1$ vanaf kh/s, this is a pretty good overeenkomst. US prices.

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