On January 15h, the current value of the server parks is 100 million dollars.

Cloud mining embarked to become well known for the public te the 2nd half of 2018, at the same time with Bitcoin’s boom. Its major professional is that it spares you from all the disadvantages of mining on your own (wij talked about it ter the previous article). Wij have made a comparison table for you which shows clearly how much lighter it is to get most of the work done with a company that specializes te cloud mining.

Spil you can see on the top of the table, the Coinvasion team mines with CryptoGold. It means that wij used our coins purchased on Coinbase, to invest ter Bitcoin mining packages at CryptoGold.

Why did wij vote for CryptoGold?

It wasn’t a rash decision. Wij examined meticulously the cloud mining possibilities te the market and, based on the arguments below, wij found CryptoGold Ltd the most reliable solution:

  1. The German owners won our confidence. Mostly because of their business track record and future vision. They have established more than Ten viable businesses. The most successful one is Deutsches Edelmetallhaus one of Germany’s largest precious metal trading house, which has bot ter the market for 15 years.
  2. It’s a 100% officially operating company.
  3. The owners, leaders of CryptoGold Ltd. are Mao Lal, CEO, Sascha Senft (Director) Michael Bauer (Director)

Headquarters: Business Center, Dubai World Central, P.O. Opbergruimte 390667 Dubai, UAE

Registration number: AFZ/AIBC/935

  • The company places excellent emphasis on security, and thus on protecting its clients’ money.
  • Mining is just the beginning ter CryptoGold’s life. On March 24th, their own crypto currency, CryptoGoldCoin (CGC) will be launched (with actual physical gold voorkant from the Deutsches Edelmetallhaus). The launch value of the coin will be equal to the value of gold and its value can only go overheen the gold value. For CryptoGold mining members, their web office will be linked to the gold-covered coin pagina directly and members can buy coins very first.
  • Ter the very first half of 2018, four further blockchain technology based products will come out.
  • Life Time Mining (explained te detail below)
  • Based on gegevens from January 15th 2018, CryptoGold has already got about 100,000 registered members from 80 countries. Mining began ter June 2018, after about a year of prep.
  • At present, CryptoGold has Three mining farms ter the USA, 1 te Malaysia and 1 te China (serving investors of overheen 500,000 dollars exclusively).
  • On January 15h, the current value of the server parks is 100 million dollars.
  • The web office is clear, effortless to use.
  • The Support service is, ter spite of the ample growth, swift, helpful and professional.
  • Why is it worth mining with CrypToGold?

    If you buy Bitcoin and you just hold it, store it for years, the amount of your coins will remain the same. Wij desired more than that, that’s why wij selected cloud mining, more specifically cloud mining with CryptoGold.

    Let us demonstrate what possibilities you have to make more Bitcoins using what you already have (versus just holding it).

    Let’s say wij are calculating with 0.Two bitcoin investment, which is Two,000 $ (at a Ten,000 $ BTC value).

    Let’s suppose I buy 0.Two bitcoin on Coinbase.com. If I choose to hold it I will have exactly 0.Two bitcoin te Trio years. Experts say that by then bitcoin’s value can get spil high spil 50,000-60,000 $. Te that case, my investment will be worth 5-times its original value (0.Two x 50,000 = Ten,000 $). Nice result but there are better opportunities te the market.

    Based on the example above, let’s say I invest 0.Two Bitcoin (Two,000 $) te CryptoGold mining packages.

    But how do they do mining for mij?

    Very first of all, I have to register.

    Following the registration and the security steps of confirmation, I can select from several mining packages (spijskaart: Buy Pool), from 50 $ up to Five,000 $. If I purchase a package it means that I purchase mining resources, so called hash rate. This is the factor that determines the bitcoin volume that is mined for mij by the system. With Two,000 $ investment, at a Ten,000 $ BTC value it means a 0.0005 BTC (Five $) daily yield. It is effortless to calculate that with Five $ worth of bitcoin placed daily on my CryptoGold account, it takes a bit more than a year of mining for my investment to produce a 100% terugwedstrijd (100% ROI).

    Thesis gegevens reflect current mining spectacle and can vary (both te a positive and te a negative direction) becuase the daily indicators are influenced by Bitcoin’s market value switches and by the mining difficulty.

    What happens when the terugwedstrijd on my investment is 100%?

    My Two,000 $ investment produces a terugwedstrijd of Two,000 $ te bitcoin ter a bit more than a year, and by then my investment has produced a 100% terugwedstrijd. If during this period I did not budge my daily yields from my web office to my coinbase e-wallet (it’s up to mij whether I want to contant out my daily 0.0005 BTC yields from my CryptoGold account), I can invest my total yield te another Two,000 $ package, doubling my total investment and proceed mining. If I contant out my revenues, the company will still proceed mining for mij. My original Two,000 $ investment will proceed to produce yield for mij. If I go with the latter option, that is if I use my yield to invest ter another Two,000 $ package, my dual investment will mine for mij at dual capacity, so it will produce dual yield.

    0.0005 x 30 days = 0.015 BTC = 150 $ (at a Ten,000 $ BTC value). I can stir that sum to my Coinbase wallet. I can do that any time, even every month if that makes mij feel good.

    How long does the company proceed mining for mij?

    Spil long spil the contract ensures that the costs of mining are covered, mining remains active and proceeds to produce daily yield for you. Theoretically it can be a ”lifetime” contract but practically it depends on the mining difficulty, the market price of the digital currencies and the mining costs. If mining is not profitable, spil a result of the adverse development of the factors above, mining is terminated. CryptoGold can modify the mining indicators any time to be able to adapt to the market circumstances. If the mining activity of a certain crypto currency becomes loss-making, te order to eliminate loss CryptoGold can switch to another currency.

    Lifetime mining that CryptoGold represents is unique ter the market. Competitors ter cloud mining offerande immovable period contracts regarding the mining period. It can be 140 working days, 1 year, Two years, 1,000 days. However thesis motionless periods are not totally ensured because competitors maintain the right to modify the terms of their contracts.

    From a profitability point of view Coinvasion votes for CryptoGold spil the best choice. You don’t have to renew your contract every year or ter every Two years, on ter every 1,000 days. It’s enough to purchase a package at the begin of mining. Ter the long run it is a hefty difference. More and more people realize it and join the largest mining company of the near future.

    How many packages can I have?

    There is no limit regarding the number of packages one can have. The length of time that it takes to have a 100% come back on the investment is the same, no matter which or how many packages you purchase.

    However, what matters is how many bitcoin the company mines for mij daily. And that differs, based on the purchase value of your packages (there are 50, 100, 500, 1,000, Two,000, Three,500 and Five,000 $ packages).

    Te addition to the cost of the packages, there is only a one-time web-office opening cost of 79 $.

    Having paid this sum, you are entitle to using the web office spil long spil mining proceeds.

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