Spil Bitcoin prices soar, wij proceed to practice fine enthusiasm te the Bitcoin and Blockchain space. Ter Kenya, the euphoria has seen many seeking to learn about this fresh technology and the financial opportunities it brings.

Slightly a week after a successful Bitcoin Investment Meetup wasgoed organized by BitcoinKE, the Blockchain Association of Kenya also held another successful event with the purpose of educating more people about the opportunities ter the space.

Some of the topics discussed included:

  • Understanding the Blockchain technology
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Identifying Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency scams and frauds
  • Investing and trading ter Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • Women ter Bitcoin
  • Regulation and legislation te Kenya

Michael Kimani, the Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Kenya, opened the event with a talk on why cryptocurrencies are the future. He did a deep dive into the state of cryptocurrencies and how far adoption has come since the early days when only a few Kenyans were te the space.

On the panel discussion, the experts, which included Eugene Mutai, a well-known and respected Bitcoin miner and developer te Kenya, and John Karanja, the founder of Bithub Africa, helped the audience understand the Blockchain technology and how it is going to influence transparency, wealth, and resource distribution.

Cryptocurrency mining is also a hot topic and wasgoed well covered ter the next session. Eugene explained how he mines Bitcoin from huis, the challenges and costs associated with it, but also the benefits of mining. He talent a detailed breakdown of the come back of investment when it comes to purchasing equipment and the gains from it.

It is not enough to simply talk about the opportunities without mentioning the risks involved. Scams and frauds are common te the space and Daniel Nyairo, a Blockchain and Bitcoin copywriter, wasgoed on forearm to pauze down what to look out for ter order to avoid getting scammed. He highlighted his own practice ter the space and how to be wary of potential fraudsters despite the promise of big money.

Investing wasgoed also a topic of rente to many. George Mang’eni, a well known stock and cryptocurrency consultant and investor, helped attendees understand cryptos from an investment perspective. He emphasized on the importance of diversifying one’s portfolio to go beyond Bitcoin and include other cryptos, some of which are performing better than Bitcoin.

Women were also not left out te the discussion. The three women on the panel discussed opportunities that exist te trading Bitcoin, not only ter Kenya but abroad. The exposed the big opportunities that come from holding and selling zometeen and the hefty earnings from such a stir.

Tommy closed the event with a discussion on legislation and what is happening ter the space to ensure more recognition when it comes to cryptos. He wasgoed optimistic about the space and encouraged all to keep playing te the space.

All te all, this wasgoed yet another successful event that showcased that more Kenyans, and Africans ter general, are anxious to get into the crypto space. It will be interesting to see what 2018 brings spil rente ter the space resumes to rise.

David Gitonga is the founder of Bitcoin KE. Bitcoin KE is an initiative that seeks to inform and educate people about Bitcoin and the Blockchain ter Africa. It is also regularly involved te organizing events and meetups ter the space.

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