Top Five Dogecoin Mining Pools (Pros and Cons), AbelCrypto

Solo mining has become increasingly difficult spil worldwide rente ter cryptocurrencies has grown. More and more people are now looking to mining pools to help improve their mining capability.

But with so many available, how do you determine which is best?

Te this article wij’ll voorkant some of the top Dogecoin mining pools for 2018, and the pros and cons of each.

Quick recap on Dogecoin

Dogecoin is one of the altcoins that launched following the success of Bitcoin which sparked a global rente te cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin wasgoed originally launched spil a joke coin with the pic of Doge, famous from online meme’s, spil its logo. Dogecoin had unexpected success and now boasts a market capitalisation of overheen $Two billion and is popular among investors and miners.

Dogecoin is presently the third most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Litecoin ter terms of volume of transactions.

Mining for Dogecoin

Spil with other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin mining requires the miner to have an adequate mining equipment.

Dogecoin is based on Litecoin so the mining equipment needs to be able to mine script-based coins. However, spil the number of miners participating te resolving blocks has enlargened dramatically overheen the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult for solo-miners to rival for transactions to finish, resulting ter the rising popularity of mining pools, where miners combine their CPU power to accomplish transactions more effectively and generate revenue swifter.

Before joining a mining pool it is significant that miners research the security of the pool spil well spil the manner te which they calculate prizes.

Some mining pools concentrate only on specific cryptocurrencies and some permit for numerous currencies to be mined. Before you begin mining for Dogecoin, calculate the possible profitability with this mining rekenmachine.

Pools will also use a diversity of payment methods, such spil PPS+ vs PPLNS, so be sure you fully understand how you get paid before you begin.

Dogecoin Mining Pools

For miners interested ter mining Dogecoin, here is a list of the Dogecoin mining pools and the benefits and constraints of each:

  • Prohashing: ( This is one of the few mining pools that will actually pay out te Dogecoin. Most the pools will covert the coins generated into Bitcoin or Litecoin. With about 16000 miners active on the webpagina, Prohashing merge mines for coins and then pays directly into your handelsbank account.
  • Multipool: ( With overheen 13 million Dogecoins paid out, this pool offers a diversity of different altcoins spil well spil Bitcoin and Litecoin for mining and payment.
  • Hashfaster: ( is a multicoin mining pool that keeps miners anonymous. Payouts are made every two hours if the balance is high enough or alternatively on a Sunday. With about 775 active miners, this is petite pool that concentrates on the less well know script based altcoins. Just overheen Ten,000 Dogecoins have bot mined on this webpagina.
  • 1Coinpool: ( Using a PPPS (proportional pay vanaf share) proefje, this pool offers miners Dogecoin, Zcash, Ethereum and Litecoin mining pools.
  • Aikapool: ( A mining pool that offers free registration and has about 45 active miners. Miners are rewarded on a PROP system (proportional) where there is no risk to the pool technicus spil the system pays only when a block is found.

Wij’re written about other pools te the past, check thesis posts for more informatie on ETH mining pools, or LTC mining pools.

Final Thoughts: Dogecoin Mining Pools

Albeit the above list does not voorkant all the pools available for mining Dogecoin, thesis are the pools that have the most mentions. For more information on the currency, the story behind the coin and the meme and for details on how to get commenced and download a wallet, visit the Dogecoin webstek on

If you’re interested te learning about how you can profit from trading crypto currencies, you might want to consider enrolling ter a crypto currency trading course.

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